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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Story

Every successful business or corporation has a story. Or history if you will.
This company, Automotive Cosmetics Group, in which I am thankful to be part of is no different.
I personally find the story behind this small family owned and operated company in particular, interesting... and quite frankly amazing.

We have a woman by the name of Rochelle. (Who happens to be my mother in law by the way)
Born and raised in Illinois. Finds her way to Lincoln, Nebraska and becomes the mother of three children. Two daughters and one son.
And at one point in time simply a stay at home mom. As if taking care of a home and raising children isn't a full time job already, she decided to go back to school by taking night classes and earned a degree in business administration.

For the next couple of years after that she focused on her children and offered herself in several volunteer roles. She helped in the local school library. She volunteered at the Veterans Hospital in assisting the maimed and hopeless. She also volunteered in a surgeons document storage.
Until she just had to stop because the cases took an immense toll on her emotionally.

After applying for a job with a credit bureau she was hired as a clerk. Definitely not the job she was seeking but it was a starting point towards a career in consulting. More specifically she travelled the United States, working with creditors and large corporations, which included the Republican and Democratic Conventions. She consulted with these and many other clients on each of their marketing strategies, helping them reach each of their individual targeted audiences while staying within their marketing budgets.

She started out as a clerk. Within one year she applied for and received a secretarial position. After five years in that role she then applied for and received a position as a data information specialist.
From there she was promoted to consultant and she worked in that capacity until the department was shut down.

Wow! What a journey and climb to success! Only to have your legs kicked out from under you as often happens to great people in the corporate world.

Only a short time passed though before she met a man named Ron Roos.
Follow me as I briefly back track to give you some insight into this man....

(Continued in next blog. Coming soon. Thanks for following)