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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Story Pt.2


Where was I? Oh yes, Ron.
As you recall, Rochelle worked extremely hard in climbing the corporate ladder and made a successful go of it. But the end result for her sadly was much like so many others in corporate America.

And... along comes Ron Roos. "The Dutchman" I like to call him when Im in a joking mood.
He was born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A "Dutchman" for sure.
After high school he joined the Royal Dutch Navy for two years. He then became a plumbing apprentice a year but found his way into the traditional stucco trade where he would become a specialist. His strength and focus was in the restoration of museums and historical homes. And he did this for over eleven years.

Eventually he was presented with an opportunity to join the very large company Dupont and he could not pass it up. This job went well for awhile but he would eventually go back to doing what he had done for so long in the past, remodeling and stucco work in which he travelled some to different  countries such as Germany and Austria.

During his travels in doing the construction work he met and became friends with someone who asked him to come work for an International Franchise that specialized in automotive paint repair and  he accepted. This work would bring him to the United States in 1998. More specifically, Kansas City, Missouri where the headquarters for the franchise was located.

Ron became the automotive paint trainer for all who bought into the franchise from across the globe. Once they bought into the franchise they would fly into Kansas City and be trained in automotive paint and repair before going back to there city or country for that matter to start up their franchise.

And this is where you may tie in my last blog. In 2001 my mother in love (not law) Rochelle met Ron and as I stated before she was asked to join the company at the Kansas City headquarters. By 2004 Ron and Rochelle's relationship had grown and their vision for business had as well. So they loaded up a small minivan with a few paint and interior supplies and moved to South Carolina where Rochelle's parents lived. They had a dream and some repair material and equipment.

There are many many more details to this story but I will save you the rambling on by simply stating that as we fast forward to the present year of 2014, we (Automotive Cosmetics Group) are an eleven employ company and are not only celebrating ten years in business but we are also celebrating the expansion of our family business in opening our Service Center in Lexington, South Carolina!
Wooo Hoooo!!!

Wow! Talk about small beginnings....

Catch you on the next blog.

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