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Friday, November 21, 2014

Unexpected Encouragement

We had a few visitors this past week come in from out of town. One came from not so distant North Carolina for the day. But one of our friends, Mr. Jamie Lasher, flew in from Iowa to be with us.
These two friends are also business owners in their respective states. They both came for several reasons. One, of course is simply to visit us but the other was to observe our company in operation and to offer feed back, good and bad. We are always looking to improve in every aspect of our operation.

But don’t worry. Im not going to bore you with all of that stuff. (sigh of relief)
What I did find exciting during the time they were here was in a brief unexpected event that happened. My father in law took Jamie with him (in his company logo’d truck) to a particular Automobile Dealership we partner with to pick up a vehicle that needed paint work. They pulled up to the stop light right before the Dealership and a woman pulled up beside them urging our guest Jamie to roll down his window. Jamie was a bit startled about the whole deal but rolled his window down. When he did, this woman began to yell out to him, “Your company does awesome work! Your company is awesome!” and so on and so forth. Jamie politely said , “Thank you” and rolled up his window as the light changed and they parted ways.

When our guest made it back to our Service Center he began sharing this story with the rest of our team. This is what makes all of the hard work, the extra mile taken, worth it all. These kind of stories are what fuel our little family company to live by a motto in which I tweaked a bit and it is this,
 “Our company was not built by extraordinary people but by ordinary people that do extraordinary things”. (The author of the original statement is unknown)  We strive to not only do extraordinary work for our customers but to also treat our customers extraordinarily well.

(Pictures of my Father in law, Ron Roos and Jamie Lasher at #RiozBrazilianSteakhouse provided

When did you have a time like that of our guest? A time of an unexpected encouragement from someone?
Share it here. We would love to hear about it.

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